Equine and Canine Bodywork

Using the Bowen Technique, CranioSacral, and DeBono Moves, I travel around Southern Ontario to work with horses and small animals.






Bowen Technique for People

Bowen Technique sessions for people are available in my home in Cobourg, Ontario.


DoTerra Essential Oils

I am offering classes and one-on-one consults on how you can use these beautiful oils in your life. They have so many benefits and uses including help with sleep and stress. Use them to make natural household cleaners. Diffuse them to uplift or calm your home or office, even your car. I love the Touch blends, particularly the one that helps me focus when I am tending to get overwhelmed.

My particular passion is using them to help Highly Sensitive People and Empaths deal with the energetic impact of being sensitive. Each oil has an emotion associated with it, and also a purpose. Used singly or in blends they can help us shift through the emotional challenges that each day brings.

Contact me to set up a time to talk about the oils, how you can benefit, and to give you a chance to experience them for yourself. We can talk about how to get these oils at wholesale prices and delivered right to your door.


To explore the full catalog, go to www.mydoterra.com/elizabethsleight.


Soul Mentoring

  • Are you stuck in story and can’t see your way out?
  • Do you need a non-judgmental shoulder?
  • Would you benefit from help with finding clarity?
  • Do you feel lost and alone?

Soul Mentoring can help. I provide a safe and sacred space to speak and to heal your story.